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Old equipment to get new life

2016 Computers and Technology random_ramblingsPublished March 6, 2016 at 6:28 pm 4 Comments

Hopefully this old equipment will see new life.

Neither box has seen life for a few years.

Here’s to trying to change this.IMG_20160306_121722

4 Comments to “Old equipment to get new life”
  1. crazymanjd says:

    This article may end up reading:
    Some parts of old equipment may see new life…
    the rest is headed to a recycling center

    Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win.
    Not for sure which situation applies here.

    I THINK there might be a good video card,
    a couple of good SATA Hard Drives,
    a CD / DVD RW or two…

    Maybe the old compaq can be salvaged by replacing the power supply?

    Will find out whenever I get a chance.

  2. crazymanjd says:

    Maybe this project will come into being soon!
    I was told that maybe the power supply was good in one of them, and that the board was good in the other, and that all the drives are good… so maybe this project can come together after some basic testing.

    I have other projects that need attending to.

    There are a couple of data rescues that need to be attempted, for example.

    AND wonder how hard and expensive it would be to put a new floor under an old house? but it may have to be done!

  3. crazymanjd says:

    So the Compaq is up and running as a fully activated Windows10 (test-box).

    With only 1 Gig RAM sticks, I was limited to 1 Gig of RAM — UNTIL I installed the video card shown in the picture…
    Now it theoretically has 2 Gigs, and that’s about all I can do with it.. one of the memory slots is bad?? i think.

    I researched the board a little, and according to the specs.. each RAM slot will support a 2 Gig memory stick..
    Since only one slot is working.. I’ll have 2 Gigs + 1 Gig on the video card.
    I think thats going to be about all that I can achieve from a 32bit system.. Board specs indicate that 4Gigs is only addressable over 64bit systems.. so this will do for a test box.


    Tried a clean install of XP, but something kept going wrong on install.. so went with clean install of Windows-7, hctivated the license, then upgraded to an activated Windows10 install.

    Cleaned bugware out of it for 10 days… Not sure where buggyware come from, but it was rough to clean out!


    Have some software installed to turn off *most* Windows10 built in spyware, but still have to manually check and adjust settings WEEKLY so far. Maybe the settings will stay this time??

    Installing some old software..
    Such as Winzip 8.1,
    – Dr Shrink (old MsDos executable)
    – Freeze (old Windows compression utility)
    and what ever Windows might tryh to sell me a better version of.or decide to uninstall for me.. still working on loading apps.


    So that’s the update for now..

    I would like to get the other box up and running, but really don’t think there is much hope without replacing the motherboard, and/or possibly the processor… might do if i run across a good deal on some old parts.

  4. crazymanjd says:

    So to update this entry…

    I used the old box up until some time in September 2016 and let it sit dormant for a while. Powered down and unplugged.

    Decided to boot it up and allow Windows to update back a month or so ago and didn’t get any video.

    Did basic troubleshooting, removed video card and tried on-board video, but still no video output.

    Checked RAM, drive connections, power connectors, etc…

    Not even any BEEPS at boot to indicate trouble…


    It appears that
    (unless I can find something real simple)
    I now have another box loaded with good parts.

    So a new project might be amidst!

    Sometimes it is nice to count your losses as gains… maybe?

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