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UPS “Expedited” ??? NOT!

2016 rantPublished July 22, 2016 at 8:01 pm No Comments

You’d think that “Expedited” means Fast!, Right?
Well you’d be WRONG if your dealing with UPS.

UPS site claims that the USPS has the package, but the USPS site appears to show that they haven’t received it.

I’d call UPS about this issue if I knew they wouldn’t transfer me to an operator who I can’t really understand in a foreign country.


Click the image to view full size.

If your going to ship me something by UPS… Make sure the truck is going to deliver it.

If your going to send me something by USPS… Drop it in the little blue box with an eagle on it.

It’s simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might not have the week or longer to wait on hybrid mail deliveries.

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