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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Continues!

2016 Computers and TechnologyPublished August 4, 2016 at 3:10 pm 7 Comments

Windows 10 will remain a FREE UPGRADE to those who use and to those who plan to use assisted technologies.

According to Microsoft’s Assisstive Technologies Download FAQ:

They are not restricting the free upgrade offer to specific assistive technologies. If you use assistive technology on Windows, you are eligible for the free upgrade offer.

Technically speaking… setting the computer to beep when you press the caps lock, number lock, and scroll lock keys is use of assistive technologies.

And that little beep comes in handy to me these days!

W10ATScreenshot of Windows 10 Free Upgrade running on Aug, 08, 2016.

Click to see image full size

Windows 10 Upgrade link:

Now on second thought…

Wonder if it’s too late to abort this?

W10AT2Probably too late to abort!!!

Of course it isn’t really installing Windows 10 yet…

The actual install process is a number of hours (if not days)  away.

7 Comments to “Windows 10 Free Upgrade Continues!”
  1. crazymanjd says:

    of course… windows update is going to start working right about now!


  2. crazymanjd says:

    This is how things looked several minutes ago…


    Now a light blue screen with white dots spinning in a circle reads
    “Working on updates 20%”
    “Don’t turn off your PC. This will take a while.”
    “Your PC will restart several times.”

    sorry, but i can’t do screen shots during this stage of the upgrade.

  3. crazymanjd says:

    So install went about 75% and I received an error

    “page fault in nonpaged area.”

    Computer rebooted…attempting to recover the install a few times…


    “attempting to recover your previous installation of Windows”

    “Recovering your previous installation of Windows”

    Should I try this again?


  4. crazymanjd says:

    So I tried this over a WIFI connection last time.

    Trying over cable connection this time…

    My theory is that something went wrong as the computer lost it’s WIFI credentials after a reboot.

    At the very least I now know that rollback works as it should.

    Upgrade is running the second time.

  5. crazymanjd says:

    Upgrade failed at 51% final install this time.
    Same Error:


    I might check/change the RAM and try again, but the 1 gig should be good with 32 bit… maybe it has 512MBx2 or something??

  6. crazymanjd says:

    Today I’ve made the decision that there will be NO MORE attempts at upgrading anything to Windows 10.

    As of today I have experience count of
    2 successful (but difficult) upgrades,
    1 Failed upgrade.


    I WILL NOT be spending any money to upgrade to an operating system that is so difficult to install AND fails to install on the most modern PC that I had attempted to install it upon.


    Windows 10 is a failure right out of the box.

    See this article to get an idea of the time and effort involved with a successful upgrade.

    There is no wonder that Microsoft has not met that initial goal… and probably won’t.

  7. crazymanjd says:

    Despite the above entry… I tried again… and failed
    For my 2nd attempt see:

    Today I am trying this on a 12 yr old Dell Inspiron 6000

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