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Ghosts photographed by Google Maps?

creepy unexplainedPublished January 20, 2017 at 8:30 pm No Comments

A few days ago I heard about people seeing pictures of what appear to be ghosts when using Google Maps street view.

I didn’t think much of it at the time.

So yesterday, I decided that I wanted to take some measurements of a certain area.

You see, the subject of 1000 feet came up, and I became curious about why the subject wasn’t coming up more often.

So… I decided to map out a 1000 foot radius of certain areas in our county.

That’s when I discovered that certain people lived just outside of those 1000 foot radius’s, and how convenient might be for those people…

BUT… That is another story all together.

So here I am looking at Google Maps and I see this little gold person that can be pulled on to the map to show street view pictures, and I decided to take a look at things from the eyes of Google, so to speak.

After a few minutes of playing with street view by navigating, looking in different directions, zooming in and out, and so on… I see something strange.

As I zoom beyond a curve I noticed something that looked out of place.

Instead of trying to explain the thing that I thought I saw, I’ll just post a cropped picture of the screen shot.


I also have the original screenshot with the location edited out (I’m funny about things like that) since the little road already sees too much traffic.

Here is the link to the screenshot

I have to wonder if Ghosts by Google or Google Ghost is going to become a new trend.

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