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Windows 10 for users of assistive technologies

Computers and TechnologyPublished March 6, 2017 at 4:07 pm 7 Comments

This is yet another attempt at installing Windows 10 to a laptop.

This time I’m upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for assistive technologies.

I started the upgrade on March 4 th 2017 at 4:00 PM & I’m writing this 48 hours later.

So you’ll probably need a back-up device to use for 2 or 3 days while you upgrade t0 Windows 10.



Below is a picture of the monitor from March 5, 2017

3-5-17__12-45The screen will appear to be stuck like this for a number of days.

Just wait. Is is downloading upgrades, updates and the like.

Finally on the third day you will see a screen like the one in the picture below

3-6-17__2-12Picture from 3/6/2017… screen has looked this way for a number of hours.

I will update the progress of this upgrade as soon as I see progress.

7 Comments to “Windows 10 for users of assistive technologies”
  1. crazymanjd says:

    Installing update 165 of 247
    for over 5 hours now.

    That update 165 must be one helluva update!

    OK Microsoft! I won’t power off or unplug my machine.

    I will let it run … as I document the upgrade process.

    I want to write a fair review of this “FREE Upgrade” that is intended for users of assistive technologies.

    2 days 6 hours and counting.

  2. crazymanjd says:

    So i guess this upgrade failed?
    Looked at the computer at 7:00 AM and seen the Windows 7.

    It has a Windows 10 upgrade shortcut on the desktop.

    Also wanted me to install 4 important updates, which i am doing, 2 of which require agreeing to something called a EULA…whatever that is.

    I might click on he install Windows 10 shortcut after the updates finish installing.

  3. crazymanjd says:

    it appears to be running the windiws 10 system now…

    at-least during the update process itself…

    I’ll see how far it goes from here.

  4. crazymanjd says:

    I just seen the laptop booting into Windows 7.

    They say that doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

    My little laptop will continue to run Windows 7 since I refuse to try another upgrade.

  5. crazymanjd says:

    So I power it down and it wants to install 62 additional updates.

    Maybe I’ll try the upgrade one last time, but I’m not too sure of it.
    The only 2 successful upgrades that I have preformed required a number of days worth of updates… so maybe one more attempt is in order?

  6. crazymanjd says:

    Needless to say ; the upgrade failed.

    This little laptop keeps trying to upgrade itself to Windows10 at least once every month now.

    It will announce that “Windows is installing updates…” and then it will restart and show that “Windows 10 upgrade failed” in the automatic updates window.

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