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Windows 10 upgrade on OLD laptop.

Computers and TechnologyPublished June 18, 2017 at 3:56 pm 3 Comments

This is being attempted with Windows 10 Free Upgrade for Assistive Technologies.

An effort to see if Microsoft actually intends to simply give Windows 10 to users who require Assistive Technologies or if they intend to make the process so complicated that Assistive Technology users will simply pay the $120.Bux for an easy install.

So far:

Windows 10 appears to be installing on an old Dell Inspiron 6000.

Yes this 12 year old laptop with a 60 GB IDE hard drive and 2 Gigs of RAM has obviously been upgraded in the past to do the “impossible” task of running Windows 7.

Today it’s being updated to (do the even more “impossible task” of running) Windows 10.

I downloaded the installer early this morning and it evidently started the upgrade by itself.

This upgrade will probably continue throughout the night (now at 76%).

[[[  A FEW HOURS LATER: I think the reason the upgrade has been at 76% for so long is because the network cable wasn’t plugged in. I noticed that the WIFI light wasn’t on, and so I just plugged the network cable in. And now the WIFI light is lit. So we’ll seen if it had any effect.  ***And now a few minutes after writing this part—I look at the laptop and the WIFI light is off again.]]]

SO at 8:53 PM and after several hours of updates being stuck at 76% i power the PC off and back on.

Restoring your previous version of Windows… it says.

At this point I wonder if I should chalk this up to another failure or try again.

So I’ll give this another go.

Notice how the Windows 10 upgrade is being installed by Windows update.

I have 9:15 as my current time –regardless– of what this post or other PCs tell me the time is.

The trouble seems to be with Internet Explorer not installing correctly?


Maybe I’ll manually launch the Upgrade again.

Looks as if Windows has to be reactivated now… hum???

I guess I just re-enter my license key … so here goes…

Now I start the Upgrade app again…

And once again … it seems to be working.

Time is now 9:56 PM for my Reference.

[[[ I did remember to plug a network cord into it this time ]]]

And now I will need to babysit the thing so I can select the type of installation I want (hopefully).

10:36 PM Windows 10 starts installing on it’s own without letting me select any settings.

11:55 PM Started the Upgrade utility and Windows 10 setup loaded on reboot. It is at the “Working on updates” stage.

Not sure that I will get an install this time… but it’s take #2 … so I’ll just hope for the best.

Things should go smoothly as this upgrade is intended for disabled people. Right?

MONDAY: 2:11 AM – Upgrade is at 81% and things look promising so far.

AT 2:41 AM or thereabouts — setup completed and I set preferences, then a blank screen after the message “finalizing your settings”…

So now it’s been about 10 minutes and I still have a black screen… the drive light is flickering… so hopefully Windows will start before long.

Around 3:00 AM – Decided to power down and restart. Held the power button until the system stopped.

Windows restarted and around 3:05 AM

“Working on updates 100%

Don’t turn off your PC    This will take a while”

“Windows will restart several times”

So here we are back at 100% (Thinking maybe I should have left the black screen alone)…

But it should fare out well.

I am babysitting this one. Maybe a little too closely.

After all, Disabled People are supposed to be able to install this upgrade, right?

3:40 AM Making progress… Greeted with welcome screen, but still spinning circle and no mouse carrot.

After 10 minutes of this screen it goes black, then.


then black

“We’ve got some updates for your machine”

then black…

Now a disabled person lives an entire month on less than what your Average Joe makes in a week, but that $120 is starting to look sweeter and sweeter at this point. Yeah… A black screen for the disabled person look at for 10 minutes now! No indication of progress whatsoever!

Then all of a sudden, at the 11th minute…

“This might take several minutes”

“Don’t turn off your PC”

LoL !!!

Then to add salt to the wound…

“it’s taking a bit longer than expected, but we’ll get there as fast as we can”

“Let’s start!” translates into lets watch a spinning cursor for 10 minutes (or more?).

At least we can get some amusement by moving that spinning cursor around.

At 5:00 AM I pressed alt+crl+del to find that updates wasn’t responding.

Forced a restart and have a crude installation…

Slow, buggy, no network recognition, seems to be in Airplane Mode, settings crash when I try to change that.

Rebooting normally now, maybe I’ll have better luck. –It is 5:30 AM BTW.

Long story made short: it works, sort of…

It’s buggy as crap and I’ll have to install network drivers so Windows can activate itself…

It’s real slow and the Ethernet port doesn’t recognize my connection as having Internet access, but I think drivers will fix that.

Does a disabled person want to go through all this crap? No. Heck No!

But I might give installing the network drivers another go — then maybe Windows can fix itself.


Note: I only want to see if it will work, get it licensed, and then roll it back to Windows 7 at the moment.

After rolling back to Windows 7, I reinstall using Windows Media Creation Tool, and it self activates:

Windows 10 upgrade on OLD laptop – take 2.

3 Comments to “Windows 10 upgrade on OLD laptop.”
  1. crazymanjd says:

    My closing thought here is that it can be done.

    You’ll need drivers for WIFI, Ethernet, USB, and maybe CD/DVD.
    I didn’t test the DVD for functionality before rolling back to Win7.

    These drivers will need to work with your hardware and with Windows 10.

    Place those drivers in a folder on your desktop. Might work.

    I might have been able to install the WIFI drivers, but they were taking hours to install (should have been only a minute or two).

    I plugged my network cable in, and although Windows 10 knew the cable was plugged in; I couldn’t get Internet access.

    I put about 30 hours into this trial — and even though the Windows 10 upgrade completed after some trial and error — It only functioned at a very basic level… and although I had a fast enough processor and plenty enough RAM; Windows 10 ran sluggishly and preformed vastly inferior to Windows 7.

    I can not recommend that anyone who relies upon Assistive Technologies attempt this upgrade. My recommendation may change at a later date, but it stands for now.

    Windows 7 isn’t broken so don’t try to fix it.

  2. crazymanjd says:

    One last thought:
    The network is supposed to work and Windows 10 should be able to fix itself. This was not the case in this trial. Booting from Hiren’s and downloading driver packs might have made this install work—-BUT the trouble still lies with Microsoft’s failure to include several generic drivers to get Windows 10 online so it might could repair itself. If Hiren’s FREE Disk can put anything online then Why can’t Windows 10?

  3. crazymanjd says:

    So I did a take-2 on this.
    After rolling back to Windows 7, I install using Windows Mesia Creation tool, and it self activates.

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